Reliable packaging of surgical suture material

With our assembly and packaging machines, we offer sophisticated solutions for test setups, low-speed machines and high-speed production for surgical sutures. We don’t leave anything to chance here: our experts will support and advise you with their know-how and experience in each of your product phases.

  • Winding, forming blisters, inserting trays, applying covering film
  • Printing and process control in-line
  • Database connection
  • Winding, printing and process control in-line
  • Solutions for various needle geometries, thread qualities and thread sizes
  • Turnkey solutions for production and packaging


  • Fixing the needle in the needle park of the tray

    The needle is fixed in the tray’s needle park.



Production machine for aluminum blister packs (intermittent)

UTW 20

UTW 20

Fully automatic winding machine for surgical suture material.

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