Guarantee for trouble-free production

Planned maintenance measures such as service and inspection are important building blocks for smooth production. Our maintenance services ensure maximum machine availability and minimize production interruptions. You are informed about the actual state of your equipment and the necessary measures for further optimization.

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Optimization
  • Warranty extension

Maintenance management

With a maintenance concept customized to your needs and systems, all maintenance work is planned and recorded in a uniform manner. Our service technicians perform an on-site inspection and assess the actual condition of your equipment. Maintenance includes all measures that delay the wear of the equipment and components.

  • Detection and elimination of wear
  • Predictable maintenance periods and budgets
  • Increase in machine service life
  • Customized optimization
  • Inspection

    During the inspection, we prepare a plan to determine the actual condition and evaluate the results accordingly for assessment. The respective service technician will decide on any further measures to be performed on-site.


  • Maintenance

    As a measure to delay wear, we clean and lubricate your equipment and check the settings accordingly. In addition, a functional test of the system, as well as the safety equipment, takes place.

  • Repairs

    This includes the replacement of defective components with the same or a new type as a replacement. After professional modification, a functional test of the system, as well as the safety equipment is performed.

  • Optimization

    Measures for subsequent modification are, for example, the reconstruction of a station or the extension or modification of the process flow. This may also involve changes in the control program, the user interface or process-critical parameters.

Warranty extension

In addition to your 12-month warranty for each machine as required by law, you will receive an extension. This applies from the time of the start of production, at the latest, however, after successful final acceptance (SAT). Depending on which occurs first, the extension covers a maximum of 24 months or 6,000 operating hours. In conjunction with our logged overall maintenance, your machine can produce as planned at any time.

  • Simplified budget due to one-time payment
  • Value retention of machines and systems
  • Expert maintenance
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