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With our training programs, we optimally prepare your operators, technicians and production managers to work safely and efficiently with the equipment. During real-world hands-on training, they will learn everything important about topics such as operation, safety and maintenance. With your top-notch trained personnel, you can minimize operator errors and increase production efficiency.

  • Individual training documentation
  • Function, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Format changes
  • Various Training Packages

HH Training

Thanks to our qualified on-site training, we provide your employees with the knowledge for the efficient use of your equipment and strengthen their understanding in our machine technology. Technical expertise and qualified machine handling help to reduce downtime. Our training sessions also provide an ideal platform for professional exchange with your operators, technicians or production managers.

  • Training packages can be flexibly combined
  • Hands-on training directly on the system
  • Minimization of error sources through correct operation
  • Production

    Safe handling of the machine, getting to know the machine structure and the basic functions as well as the tasks during production, acquiring basic HMI knowledge.

  • Function and Troubleshooting

    Detailed functional description of the individual stations, including HMI, with the goal of gaining an understanding of technical interrelationships. Gaining in-depth troubleshooting knowledge.

  • Mechanical Maintenance

    Getting to know the maintenance and service tasks at the stations, along with technical plans, and the spare parts catalog. Drives and sensors are precisely tested via set-up operations as well as function tests.

  • Format Changes

    Becoming familiar with handling format parts and best practices and HMI activities for format changes, which is followed by a test run and production approval.

  • Electrical Maintenance

    Safe handling of electrical components, troubleshooting procedures and component replacement. Here you will gain knowledge of Pac Drive and Sercos systems as well as Profi Bus and Asi Bus.

  • Administration

    Getting to know the management options as well as exporting and evaluating the machine data, such as reports and key figures. A further component of the package are the Audit Trail and Alarm Management topics.

Training documentation

In addition to the existing operating manual, you will receive separate documentation on the topics of production and troubleshooting. This documentation describes step by step how to put the machine into production. Furthermore, the fault clearance of your system is explained in the event of various error patterns occurring.

  • Individually prepared training documentation
  • Fast troubleshooting with detailed solution approaches
  • Independent machine handling
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