Production machine for aluminum blister packs (intermittent)


The PFM-KV is designed to package medical products into aluminum blisters. A chain conveyor transports the aluminum foil inside the blister machine. The machine first forms blisters from the foil and then fills the cavities with the medical products. For sterile packaging, the blisters can receive a sterilization-grade window using a Tyvek® cover film during the sealing process. The packaged products are fed individually to the sterilization process after cutting/punching.

  • Extremely high output (HS model)
  • Precise foil guidance with the conveyor foil transport
  • Fast format change
  • A variety of print systems can be fully integrated for bottom and cover foil
  • Capable of integrating a large variety of camera systems
  • Fully automatic feeding systems for various medical products
  • PFM-KV – Production machine for sterilized aluminum blister packaging

    The PFM-KV 300 for sterile packaging of medical products into aluminum blisters.

  • PFM-KV – Sterile packaging of surgical suture material

    Among other things, surgical suture material can be packaged with the PFM-KV.

Final products
  • Surgical suture material
  • Catheters
  • and much more

Machine features


A variety of methods are available for the forming process. In addition to thermoforming, deep drawing or vacuum forming is applied. These processes are integrated into the system platforms developed by Harro Höfliger with the product-specific function stations.

Web handling

Perfect web handling: Technical highly sensible components regulate feeding, transport and ejection of materials within the machine. Dancers, web edge controls, and winding and rewinding devices are the basic technologies for producing items such as patches.


Sealing is one of the central processes when connecting several product layers. We apply several technologies for this process. Depending on the material characteristics, we use such applications as platen sealing, roller sealing (hot and cold), pulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing or thermal sealing.


Cutting processes require the highest degree of precision and quality of the raw materials in order to achieve the high outputs required during continuous operation, while also ensuring the necessary accuracy. Applied here are, for example, cutting cylinders and sleeves, flying blades, steel band cutter, longitudinal drum cutter or laser contour cutter.

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