Extensive expertise in complex assembly processes

Medical technology products require assembly processes that are performed with utmost care in order to ensure the safety and proper functionality of the products. Whether it is pre-assembly or final assembly, simple or complex devices, our specialists support you in all aspects relating to your product. Flexible modular systems ensure highly precise assembly of a large range of medical and diagnostic devices. In-process controls guarantee flawless quality of pens, auto-injectors and inhalers, as well as pumps, cartridges and many other products. Our portfolio ranges from semi-automatic machines for samples and small batches to fully automatic solutionsfor high speed production. A broad spectrum of feeding and handling systems, in addition to modules for filling, labeling and packaging, round out the perfectly coordinated system solutions.

  • High-quality special solutions based on proven technologies and platforms
  • Project processing and validation oriented strictly according to GMP relevance
  • Manual equipment
  • Semi-automatic to fully automatic equipment
  • Highly efficient tray handling and feeding systems
  • Extensive inspections relating to product safety and functionality
  • Turnkey solutions for ready-to-use products (assembly, filling, packaging)
  • Smart Devices
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Assembly of complex devices

Medical technology products require assembly processes performed with special care in order to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the products. Whether it's for small quantities or series production: Our flexible modular systems are used for highly precise automation of complex devices such as injectors, pens and inhalers.

Feeding expertise

The key to economic automation is efficient technology for feeding, sorting, transporting, and separating spiral conveyors and tray loaders. Our modular paletting and tray handling systems solve your custom feeding tasks even at high machine speeds.

Engineering & Innovation

We accompany you from the very start for all of the complex tasks required for your innovative product. Our Engineering & Innovation Services offer you the support you need to develop the devices and concepts for critical assembly processes. Scalable test modules ensure process reliability in production.


  • Assembling and filling dry powder inhalers

    Assembling and filling dry powder inhalers (DPI).

  • Assembling and labeling auto-injectors

    Assembling and labeling auto-injectors.

  • Assembling and laser-printing injection products

    Assembling, labeling and laser-printing injection products.

  • Assembly of soft-mist inhalers (SMI)

    Assembling soft-mist inhalers (SMI): Pre-assembling components, sealing and crimping liquid cartridges and final assembly of the inhaler devices.

  • Assembling plastic auto-injectors

    Highly precise assembly of plastic auto-injectors.

  • Assembly of injector pens

    Assembly of injector pens. Packaging follows directly after cartridge assembly and pen sealing.

  • Assembly of complex injection pens

    Assembly of complex injection pens including cartridge assembly and pen closure.

Machines and categories


Flexible final assembly of auto-injectors

Ypsomed has developed an auto-injector product family for a wide range of applications. The Harro Höfliger Assembly Lab machine provides a flexible final assembly of the YpsoMate® auto-injectors.

Auto-injectors and injection pens reliably produced

The Swiss device manufacturer Ypsomed and Harro Höfliger have established a manufacturing network

Michael Kanzler
Director Device Assembly Technology

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