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Behind any multi-layered product made of web materials for transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS/TDS) and oral (ODF) or muccoadhesive buccal (MBF) film strips are complex production technologies. As the technology leader in the processing and customization of roll materials, for decades Harro Höfliger has been playing an important role in influencing technological advances in the industry. Modular machine concepts allow the flexible production and packaging of transdermal and oral products.
All processes for manufacturing these patches and film strips are designed towards high product safety and careful handling of the active ingredients. TTS/TDS such as matrix and reservoir patches as well as oral and buccal film strips are manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical standards. They are then securely packaged in four-side sealed sachets, which are designed to be easy and intuitive for the user to open.

  • High competence in handling and processing of sensitive materials
  • Modular system concept for highly flexible production
  • Precise transfer of patches and film strips onto the packaging material
  • In-line inspection systems and vision system applications for highest quality
  • Complete validation of equipment
  • Durable and economic product manufacturing
  • Combination of our expertise with experience of technology partners for the coating technique
  • Turnkey solutions for production and packaging
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Pharmaceutical products

For production of TTS/TDS and ODF/MBF, all processes are designed towards high product safety and carefully handling raw materials. Thus, transdermal systems such as matrix and reservoir patches, iontophoresis and needle patches as well as filmstrips are produced according to GMP guidelines.

Web material handling

In the manufacturing of multi-layer products, what is essential is to be fully knowledgeable of the properties and behavior of the individual web materials. With our many years of experience we offer individual solutions using modular technologies, unique in their combination and based on extensive PoP.


There are various coating processes possible to precisely apply the active ingredient-containing and functional polymer matrix onto a substrate. We combine our expertise with that of our technology partners to determine the specific high-precision coating technique in order to meet the product requirements.


  • Transdermal patches – packaging in four-edge sealing bags

    Precise laminating and punching is important in the manufacturing of diagnostic products made of web materials.

  • Iontophoresis patches – web processing, dosing and assembly

    Production of iontophoresis patches comprises not only web processing and dosing, but also assembly of conductive strips.

  • Oral dissolvable films – manufacturing and packaging

        Production and packaging of active-ingredient dissolvable film strips (ODF).

  • Pharmaceutical patches – production and primary packaging into bags

    Production of transdermal patches for asthma treatment, followed by primary packaging into bags.

  • Production and packaging of ODF and MBF.

    Manufacture and packaging of oral and muccoadhesive buccal films (ODF/MBF).

Machines and categories


Medication intake through oral and buccal film strips

Oral (ODF) and buccal (MBF) film strips offer huge potential for the pharmaceutical market. Harro Höfliger has a well-established machine program for the production and packaging of film strips.

High-speed line for TTS/TDS products

When it comes to the production of patches for the treatment of asthma and pain Nipro Patch relies on Harro Höfliger’s many years of expertise in web converting as well as in transdermal systems.

Ute Tils
Sales Manager Web Technologies

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