Innovative transport system

For their assembly platform MOT Flex, Harro Höfliger banks on an innovative transport system.


Flexible assembly platform MOT Flex

Components are transported in the MOT Flex via individual shuttles.

Transport from station to station is carried out via individual shuttles, powered by magnetic linear drives. This approach allows to vary transport speed as well as acceleration between process stations. Hence, it is possible to accumulate multiple shuttles for time consuming processes, while less complex tasks such as presence checks can be executed simultaneously.

Another advantage is that tray loaders and palletizers for product feeding can be connected directly to the system without using pucks. By working closely with a wide range of development teams, the new transport system was adapted to the needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries and integrated into the machine platform MOT in a very short time.

More information about the MOT Flex can be found here MOT Flex

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