For powders, gels or liquids

Water soluble portion packs for washing machines and dishwashers guarantee exact dosing and are comfortable to use. Due to the individual combination of shape, colors and fill materials (liquids, gels or powders), detergent packs also offer numerous possibilities for a distinctive brand presentation.

From initial sample shape to highspeed production

With a 3D printer, Harro Höfliger creates initial sample shapes for format prototypes, including semi-automatic process simulation. In the high-speed production of single-chamber or multi-chamber pouches, the soluble PVOH film (polyvinyl alcohol) is thermoformed using shaped trays. Then the chambers are filled with the respective medium. This is followed by hot sealing, cooling and punching or cutting of the individual portion packs.



Portion Packs

Creative solutions for the manufacturing and packaging of single-dose products and multiportion packs



Colorful, strong, tricky

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