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Our contribution to your future

Our benefits are just as versatile as the responsibilities of our employees. It is our desire that you not only have a rewarding job at Harro Höfliger, but that you are also highly motivated and enjoy working here. This is why we support you with personalized continuing education measures, retirement and health care plans as well as programs for your family.

Our benefits package

Personal development and continued education

We're only as good as the highly qualified and motivated people who work for us. This is why consistent continued education is such an important component of working for Harro Höfliger. Our supervisors encourage and support the professional and personal development of our employees with a targeted program of suitably advanced education measures.

Working time account

We offer our employees a working time account that allows you to save time or your gross salary for the future. The time you save can be used for longer periods of absence (extension of parental leave, nursing care for family members, continued education, sabbaticals) as well as for a flexible transition into retirement. During their leave of absence, employees continue to be insured under social security, receive their salary and continue to collect retirement points, thus they have no insurance gaps.

Children’s vacation program

The number of days for school breaks generally exceeds the number of vacation days that working professionals can take. This is why we offer our employees the opportunity to allow their children to attend a variety of supervised vacation programs during the summer break. In addition to sports, play and fun, children can also experience nature and outdoor activities. Harro Höfliger contributes to the costs of the summer vacation program, which has been getting a positive response from both parents and children alike year after year.

Bike leasing

We offer our employees the option to lease bicycles and battery-powered bicycles – widely known as e-bikes – at attractive rates. The monthly fees are charged as a salary conversion from the gross salary, which is why the net charge is significantly lower than if purchased or leased on the private market. We take care of the insurance costs. The idea behind this e-mobility concept is to promote health and the joy of being active amongst our employees, while at the same time making our own contribution to the environment.

Health management

Our company health management program (BGM) supports all employees with a variety of measures and programs with which to maintain the quality of life at the workplace and to even improve upon it. This includes, among other things, regular classes on health management or keynote presentations of topics such as nutrition, physical activity and relaxation. BGM is a dynamic process, that focuses on the needs of employees.

Company retirement plan

In order to ensure that our employees can maintain their standard of living even during their retirement years, they are given the opportunity at Harro Höfliger to set up a deferred compensation retirement account in the form of direct insurance. Contributions to capital formation (VWL) at Harro Höfliger can also be used for the company retirement plan. Good to know: Instead of the statutory employer's contribution of 15 %, Harro Höfliger contributes 20 % to your retirement plan.

Health insurance

To close gaps in the benefits catalogue of our employees’ statutory health insurance, we offer them company health insurance (BKV), if they have been with Harro Höfliger for at least three years. With the BKV, they are entitled to benefits in the areas of preventive dental care / treatment and visual aid. With more than 10 years of service, BKV also covers dentures. Insurance contributions are completely financed by Harro Höfliger.

Our corporate culture

At Harro Höfliger, we believe that innovation and technical advances are best fostered in an environment of mutual trust and where we deal with one another responsibly. This is why our corporate culture is firmly built on values such as fairness, open-mindedness and mutual respect.


We express our appreciation for the performances of every individual.


We appreciate our employees’ individuality and see their cultural versatility as an asset.


We communicate with one another on equal terms and show respect for each other.


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