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    Who better to explain what is so great about Harro Höfliger as an employer than we employees ourselves?

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What do more than 1,500 employees think is so special about working for Harro Höfliger? Why did they choose us as their employer? What do they experience throughout their workday and within their team? We posed these questions to our trainees and experienced professionals. Here, they give their very own personal insights into their responsibilities and experiences.

Create your future: Employee success stories

“The way to the top is definitely wide open”

Senior engineer for control technology

“Short chains of command and a great deal of self-reliance”

Group manager of control technology at Harro Höfliger

“On an equal footing with experienced team members.”

Apprentice training as a mechatronics technician

“They have great confidence in me.”

Apprentice training as an electronics technician

“My job is multifaceted and allows me to be creative – perfect!”

Student of Electronics and Information Technology (Ulm Model)

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