Modu-C CS Containment

Safe working environment: Optimal operator and product protection when processing highly active substances


On the Modu-C CS platform, products up to OEB 5 classification can be processed. Integrated features such as the deduster and cleaning by WIP (wetting-in-place)  ensure optimal operator protection, good handling and reduced space requirements. Revolutionary is the 100% weighing under containment conditions. The trolley system creates maximum flexibility, modularity and short downtimes thanks to fast dosing system changeovers. 

  • Configurable up to OEB 5
  • Integrated 100% gross weight control
  • Integrated capsule deduster
  • Reliable cleaning with wetting-in-place (WIP)
  • 360° accessibility due to separate control cabinet
  • PAT systems (Process Analytical Technology)
  • Humidity and temperature control in containment
  • Precise results even with products that are sensitive to moisture or oxygen
  • In-process control (IPC)
  • Modu-C CS Containment

    The Modu-C CS offers protection concepts for all capsule applications, even for powder OEL < 1μg/OEB 5.

Technical data
  • Output: 43,500 capsules/h
  • Formats: all commonly used capsule sizes (000 up to 5)
  • Filling units: tamping station, drum filler, pellets, dosator, tablet, mini tablet, liquid
Final products
  • Capsules with single dose or fixed dose combinations
  • Empty capsule feeding (Convey-C)
  • Customized product feeding
  • Metal detector

Machine features

Trolley concept

The patented trolley system enables a quick change of the dosing system: whether powders, pellets, tablets, mini tablets or liquids – the next dosing process is already standing by. Short set-up times, fast cleaning, maximum productivity. Process changeovers by means of plug and play.  

Capacitive weight inspection

The innovative, integrated 100% gross weighing system checks and sorts all capsules produced. The innovative system thus sets new standards. 100% gross weighing can be combined with an IPC station.  


An integrated capsule deduster reliably removes even the smallest powder residues from the capsule surface. This contributes to reliable capsule processing. At the same time, the machine dimensions remain compact, since an external deduster is not required. 

IPC Station

Optionally, an integrated IPC station ensures precise weighing of the individual dosing quantities (net weights). It can be used for both statistical capsule weighing and adjustment of the AMV sensor. 

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