Disc Filler

Efficient: Simultaneous filling of discs for dry powder inhalers (semi-automatic)


The Disc Filler fills DPI discs with any number or shape of cavities in a single operation. Only exchange two format parts for a quick format or product change at any time. The Disc Filler can be integrated into automated machines to fill, assemble and package disc-base inhalers and increase the output by adding additional filling heads.

  • Fast, simultaneous filling of DPI disc cavities
  • Easy format and product change
  • Precise micro-dosing of a variety of powders
  • Adjustable filling quantity
  • Gentle powder handling to prevent abrasion and clogging
  • Suitable for cavities of varying geometries and arrangements
  • DPI Disc Filler: Step 1 Fill the dosing plate

    Step 1: Fill the dosing plate with dry powder.

  • DPI Disc Filler: Step 2 Swivel the dosing unit

    Step 2: Swivel the dosing unit.

  • DPI Disc Filler: Step 3 Fill the disc cavities

    Step 3: Transfer the dry powder into the inhaler disc cavities.

  • DPI Disc Filler: Step 4 Output of the filled disc

    Step 4: The filled inhaler disc is output. The dosing unit swivels back to the filling head.

  • DPI Disc Filler: Empty inhaler disc before filling

    Empty inhaler disc before filling with powder.

Final products
  • DPI Discs
  • Diagnostic applications
  • Lab automation

Machine features

Filling discs

Preformed cavities are positioned in the product working fixture. Minimum quantities of powder are filled using a membrane filling method with synchronously working fill positions. This ensures a fast and equal filling for all disc cavities.


Various dosing methods allows the dosing of minimal quantities of powder. Depending on the individual powder properties different filling methods such as membrane filling, tamping pin, dosator or drum filling are applicable.

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