Omni FS

Modular lab machine for producing portion packs (semi-automatic)


The Omni FS is a lab machine for forming, filling, sealing, cutting and punching primary packaging materials such as blister sheets. Its modular design provides space for up to four work stations. All stations can be operated individually or in parallel. Different semi-automatic dosing systems make it possible to fill powder and liquid.

  • Precise dosing systems for liquid and/or powder filling
  • Flexible production of powder blisters and discs
  • Customized design of product carriers
  • Omni FS – flexible lab machine for producing and filling blister packages

    The semi-automatic Omni FS forming, sealing and punching machine consists of freely selectable stations and can be expanded at any time.

  • Omni FS – sealing process station

    Filled blisters are covered and sealed with film.

  • Omni FS – punching process station

    Punching process in the Omni FS blister lab machine. The four stations can be equipped individually with standard process modules or customized applications.

Technical data
  • Dosing volume: approx. 20 mm – approx. 1000 mm³
  • Dosing range: 10 – 5000 mg*
  • Particle size: 1 µm and higher

* At a reference density of the powder of 0.5 mg per mm³

Final products
  • Blisters
  • Portion packs
  • DPI Discs

Machine features

Forming blisters

Minimum quantities of active-ingredient powder are dosed into blister cavities for dry powder inhalers. Plastic forming of these tiny cavities is achieved through thermal forming (PE film) or cold forming (aluminum film).

Filling blisters

The powder filling module can be equipped with a drum filler or with a membrane filler. The drum filler produces partially filled cavities whereas membrane filler is filling the blister cavity to 100%.

Closing blisters

Filled blisters are closed with covering or forming film. The sealing tools used can be configured by adjusting pressure, temperature and time separately for each material.

Portion packs

The production of portion packs is made up of several processes; starting with the deep drawing of the portion chambers to filling them with powder or liquid and to then finally sealing with cover film and cutting/punching process. Harro Höfliger offers process-reliable solutions for this, from the lab unit to the high performance machine.

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