Omnidose Extended

Flexible: Dosing machine for laboratory and development applications with extended process options (semi-automatic)


The Omnidose Extended is based on the proven powder dosing machine Omnidose. During the machine design phase it can be flexibly completed with further processes such as blister forming, heat sealing or additional assembly steps. The output of the semi-automatic laboratory machine is ideal for various development stages, and its scalable processes create a solid basis for subsequent production.

  • Automatic product transport between the individual stations by rack drive
  • The basic equipment consists of freely selectable modules and can be set up individually
  • Suited for a variety of packaging requirements
  • Easy scaling from small series to production scale
  • Based on the Omnidose, the Omnidose Extended is further equipped with additional process steps

    Semi-automatic dosing machine Omnidose Extended with standard machine guarding.

  • Omnidose Extended – semi-automatic dosing machine

    Manual feeding of packaging material.

  • The Omnidose Extended can be equipped with various dosing processes

    Membrane filling station (left) and cold forming station for aluminum blisters (right).

  • Further assembly or container closure types are also possible

    The heat sealing station performs the blister sealing.

Technical data
  • Dosing volume: approx. 1mm³ – approx. 1,000 mm³
  • Dosing range: 0.5 - 500 mg*
  • Particle size: from 1 µm

* With a reference powder density of 0.5 mg per mm³

Final products
  • Capsules
  • Devices
  • Discs
  • Multi-chamber products
  • Vials
  • Blisters
  • Powder reservoirs
  • Cartridges

Machine features


Various dosing methods allows the dosing of minimal quantities of powder. Depending on the individual powder properties different filling methods such as membrane filling, tamping pin, dosator or drum filling are applicable.

Filling blisters

The powder filling module can be equipped with a drum filler or with a membrane filler. The drum filler produces partially filled cavities whereas membrane filler is filling the blister cavity to 100%.

Filling discs

Preformed cavities are positioned in the product working fixture. Minimum quantities of powder are filled using a membrane filling method with synchronously working fill positions. This ensures a fast and equal filling for all disc cavities.

Barrier technology

Compact machine design and detailed knowledge of all processes makes Harro Höfliger a specialist in containment and barrier systems that serve to protect both the operator and the product. For ideal accessibility, ergonomic studies are performed that simulate all processes and operating steps.

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