Reliable processes for the pharmaceutical industry

Precise dosing of active-ingredient quantities is a crucial prerequisite in the production of medications. When producing preparations, the calculation of the precise weight is of great significance. Inspection machines guarantee precise filling and ensure that defective products are reliably ejected.

  • Inspection during production (IPC)
  • Feedback loop for the filling machine
  • Short inspection times for high-speed production
  • Compatible with machines from third-party suppliers
  • Format independent inspection systems


  • Pharmazeutische Kapseln verwiegen

    Accura-C - measuring capsules with highly precise weighing cells

    Precise and high performance weighing guarantees a reliable inspection in the production of pharmaceutical capsules.

  • Kapseln, Tabletten und andere Solida formatunabhänging zuführen

    OmniControl – transport of solids through vacuum suction wheel irrespective of format

    Tablets and capsules of a variety of sizes are gently transported via the patented vacuum suction wheel into the weighing plates. The format independent feeding is available in 6-groove and 12-groove design.

  • Pharmazeutische Solida prozesssicher verwiegen und sortieren

    OmniControl – weighing cells for determining the weight of capsules and tablets

    The weighing cell determines the weight of the tablets. After evaluating the weight data the system sorts into good and bad products via a rotary star.

  • Blisterstreifen prüfen in der Produktion

    Checkweigher – determining the fill weight of DPI blisters

    In-process inspection during blister production by weighing system.

OmniControl IPC

OmniControl IPC

In-process: Format free weighing system for random inspections of capsules and tablets



Format free: Reliable weighing system for 100% inspection



Highly precise: The high-speed capsule weighing system for quality assurance in production

DPI Checkweigher

DPI Checkweigher

Reliable: The inspection scale for blister strips filled completely with powder

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