DPI Checkweigher

Reliable: The inspection scale for blister strips filled completely with powder


DPI Checkweigher is intended for automated IPC quality inspections of DPI blisters in galenics and production. The scale checks the fill weight and individual cavities of a completely filled blister strip. During the opening process, the process in an inhaler is simulated. DPI Checkweigher is also suitable for gray-value determination when calibrating the  X-ray inspection system.

  • Reliable IPC inspection of blister strips filled completely with powder
  • Ideal addition to any blister strip production
  • Customized net weight determination for each powder dosing per cavity
  • Complete documentation of IPC results for batch records
  • Zero position of the weighed cell to determine the powder weight
  • Prüfung befüllter Blisterstreifen durch Kontrollwaage

    Checkweigher – weighing system for IPC quality inspections for blister filling

    Compact inspection machine for inspecting the fill weight of filled blister strips.

  • Blisterstreifen prüfen in der Produktion

    Checkweigher – determining the fill weight of DPI blisters

    In-process inspection during blister production by weighing system.

Final products
  • Aluminum blister strips for dry powder inhalers (DPI)
  • Assembly machines for inhalers
  • Packaging machines


Filling quantity control of inhalation blisters

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