End of line: The efficient Casepacker for shipping boxes (intermittent)


In the MCP Casepacker, folding boxes are fed onto a single track, grouped and stacked. The boxes can be packed either via side loading or via wrap-around. Serializing functions make it possible to detect the separate folding boxes and to label each individual shipping box.

  • High performance end packaging system
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Rapid size changes with reproducible settings
  • Large range of formats of the packaging sizes
  • Consistent operating concept with touch panels
  • Extremely small footprint
  • MCP – final packaging of folding boxes via side loading

    The MCP end-of-line Casepacker as a side loading variant for final product packaging into folding boxes.

  • MCP – end-of-line multi-packaging in a single packaging line with MKT cartoning machine

    Packaging line: Cartoning products via MKT, stacking folding boxes and final packaging with MCP Casepacker.

  • MCP – stacking and packaging folding boxes

    Automated stacking and packaging via side loading into folding boxes.

  • MCP – folding box feeding and stacking

    Folding boxes are fed onto a single track and stacked in the MCP Casepacker.

  • MCP – cartoning machine when closing final packaging

    Closing the shipping boxes in the MCP Casepacker.

Technical data
  • Output: up to 10 boxes/min
  • Assembly systems
  • Web processing machines
  • Film forming machines
  • Dosing and filling machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Handling systems

Machine features


The last link in our assembly and packaging lines is the multi-packaging. Here, folding boxes are grouped, stacked and packaged for shipping. This is done either via side-loading in upright cartons or via wrap-around technology.


Automated logistics concepts control how product components are fed via feeding unit and regulate the transport systems within the machine. Robot and automation technology is used to insert components into the packaging machine.


All common cartoning closing methods are used in Harro Höfliger packaging machines. Whether closing the box with carton flaps, by applying an adhesive, by placing a cover on it or with sealing wax. The Höfliger experts can even find the ideal technical solution for custom special closing methods.


Our packaging machines can be easily equipped with serializing processes for the benefit of quality assurance and to increase protection from counterfeiting medicine. In the process, folding boxes are each marked individually and recorded by an image inspection system.


Labelling and packaging of eye drops

Harro Höfliger produced a labeling and packaging line for Pharma Stulln – a GMP-compliant production line – within a very tight deadline. The limited space available required special line planning.

Efficient packaging of syringe sets

The demand for an oncological drug is increasing. AstraZeneca has therefore decided to automate the packaging processes with a turnkey line.

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