Wallet Line

Versatile: Machine for packing tablet blisters in wallets (cycled + continuous)


The Wallet Line joins tablet blisters, booklets and carton blanks at high speed. So the Wallet Line functions are designed to be precise and efficient. The packaging variations range from the simple blister card to wallets with several pages and even closed box wallets.

  • Modular design and modern balcony structure
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Fast format change with reproducible settings
  • A variety of connection technologies to choose from
  • Child-proof and tamper-proof packaging
  • Consistent operating concept with touch panels
  • Wallet Line – packaging machine for blisters in wallet packages

    The Wallet Line is the interface between blister production and end packaging. The basic design of the packaging machine consists of the feeding modules for wallets, booklets and blisters plus modules for folding, closing and discharge of finished packages.

  • Wallet Line – packaging machine for blisters in wallet packages

    Because of its modular design, the Wallet Line can be expanded in any manner. The machine processes wallets with up to five panels perpendicular to the direction of movements and two panels in the direction of movement. Alternately, the other closing variants are also available, which include tamper-proof, glue point and resealable label.

  • Wallet Line – rotating vacuum bar to take up wallet blanks

    The high speed vacuum take-up for wallet blanks with rotating suction bar is designed for a quantity of up to 330 packagings per minute.

  • Wallet Line – folding station for wallet packages

    Packages are folded gently in the folding station. Digital displays ensure short transition times. The system features a high degree of running smoothness. The servo-controlled toothed belt drive ensures a continuous flow. 

  • Wallet Line – closing wallet packages with labeling

    Labels are applied to the folded package from the role. A rotating turning unit turns the label around and inspections its position on the package at the same time.

Technical data
  • Output: Up to 330 wallets/min.
Final products
  • Physician samples
  • Multiple dosing
  • Products with detailed administering directions
  • Feeding technology
  • Blister machine
  • Packaging machine for shipping boxes
  • Inspection systems
  • Labeling

Machine features

Product feeding

Product feeding plays a critical role in packaging machines. Harro Höfliger has a large repertoire of product handling systems. The feeding technology is configured individually depending on the requirements of the project and adjusted to the particular specifications.

Wallet Packing

During the wallet packaging process, carton blanks, one or more tablet blisters as well as booklet and seal components are customized and processed at a high rate. As life-cycle packaging for tablets, these packaging variants offer a wide range of application options.


For wallet packagings, booklets are usually glued onto the fold. During horizontal cartoning, the booklet is the first component that is fed. During the top-loading process, the booklet is introduced at a predefined position or in some cased glued in.


Cartoning with our packaging machines features reliable, active opening of folding boxes even for demanding cross-sections, reliable processes when inserting product and package insert, and sophisticated technology for customized folding box closing options.

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