Round motion machines: Platform for fast and space saving production


The round motion machines are the ideal assembly platform for products with a limited number of individual parts and processes. Because the assembly and inspection processes are compactly arranged, this platform only requires a minimal amount of space. The assembly machine reaches high cycle rates nonetheless. The MRT rotary table machine can be set up with one or more round motion machines.

  • High availability and cycle time with minimal space requirements
  • Automatic and semi-automatic design options possible by integrating manual work spaces
  • Easy to link to other technology platforms, assembly machines and packaging machines
  • Montage-Plattform MRT zur Inhalator-Produktion


    Linking several round motion units for inhaler assembly.

  • Inhalator-Montage und -Kontrolle

    MRT – assembly platform made up of several round motion units

    Feeding components, inhaler assembly and spray jet inspection on the MRT round motion unit.

  • Sensoren zur Kontrolle bei der Inhalator-Montage

    MRT – inhaler assembly with IPC inspection system to inspect the spray jet

    Sensor technology for functions testing and spray jet inspection during the inhaler assembly.

  • Diagnostik-Produktionsmaschine mit Rundläufer MRT

    MRT – round motion unit for filling and closing PRC diagnostic test strips

    Machine for filling and closing diagnostics strips based on the MRT round motion unit.

Technical data
  • Output: up to 80 cycles/min
  • Exception: 1 to 12 grooves
  • Clean room design option: Clean room class 100,000 – 100
  • Process station motors (depending on the assembly task):
  • cam-controlled, electro-pneumatic or servo-motor driven
Final products
  • Inhalers
  • Diagnostic products
  • Assembly machines
  • Dosing and filling machines
  • Feeding technology
  • Marking
  • Control systems
  • Packaging machines

Machine features

Parts handling

Components are automatically taken out using vacs, grippers or tongs and accurately transferred. This can be performed in a linear or swivel movement. To increase the output, these systems can be set up at multiple locations so as to perform loading and unloading tasks at the same time.

Dosing processes

Depending on the quality of the ingredient, a variety of dosing processes can be used for powder, solids or liquids. Harro Höfliger’s core competencies involve developing solutions for and integrating the best possible dosing methods.

Joining and final assembly

Joining technology is one of the basic processes for completing assembly groups. Highly precise processes and gentle handling are perquisites to ensuring that components are reliably joined. Inspection and measuring systems guarantee the highest possible quality, even at high speeds.

Barrier technology

Compact machine design and detailed knowledge of all processes makes Harro Höfliger a specialist in containment and barrier systems that serve to protect both the operator and the product. For ideal accessibility, ergonomic studies are performed that simulate all processes and operating steps.

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