High-precision coating of web material


Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products requires the highest accuracy. The need for accuracy is also reflected in the coating process, the precise application of an active ingredient containing matrix onto a carrier material. Together with specialized technology partners, Harro Höfliger manages to integrate innovative coating processes into the production sequence - always with a focus on product characteristics. This process is for example the basis of the precise manufacturing of patches containing active ingredients.

  • Selection of the suitable coating process
  • Selection of the suitable drying process
  • Single or multi-zone drying
  • GMP and GAMP standard
  • Quality assurance of the entire process
  • Modular and flexible design
  • Scale-up possibilities
  • Advanced coater version

    The extended version of a coater with additional drying system.

  • Standard coater version

    The simple and effective standard version of a coater.

  • Slot die coating

    The slot die coating system is also suitable for higher viscosities.

  • Comma bar coating

    Thanks to the comma bar system wafer-thin layers can be applied onto the web material.

  • Knife over roll coating

    The knife over roll coating is often used at lower viscosities.

Final products
  • ODF – Oral Dissolvable Film
  • MBF – Mucoadhesive Buccal Films
  • TDS – Matrix patch in standard / special design
  • TTS – Transdermal therapeutic systems
  • Other polymer applications to be coated
  • Converting and packaging machines

Machine features


When manufacturing multi-layer products, it is essential to know the characteristics and behavior of the web material in detail. The experience we have gained over decades in the processing of web material guarantees precise unwinding and web guiding, for example by means of variably adjustable web tension control systems.


The necessary accuracy during coating is achieved by adapting the process to the individual requirements. Depending on factors such as viscosity and desired output, different coating processes are available. This ensures a precise coating of the functional layers onto the carrier material.


With uniform drying we create ideal conditions for subsequent reliable processing. Here, too, different drying systems are available. Depending on the materials and their properties, we offer various drying concepts. This enables us to achieve perfect results, even if we are handling web material coated with active ingredients for example.


Also when rewinding the coated and dried material, it is crucial to adjust the system according to the specific characteristics of the web material and to guarantee the optimum web tension. By using precise laminating and coating rollers, we also reliably laminate multi-layer products.

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