Platform for web processing for the pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostics (intermittent)


PMT is a freely configurable production platform for web processing. Standard core processes such as sealing, cutting and punching are integrated with intermittent train. They are supplemented with individually coordinated modules for printing or inspection. So, not only can TTS patches of any kind be produced, but also Oral Dissolvable Films (ODF) or diagnostic test strips. The wide variety of applications ranges up to the production of incontinence bags and colostomy bags and even punching and packaging of catheters. 

  • Pharmaceutical GMP design; modular setup with a choice of different stations
  • Slight and variably adjustable web tension
  • Integrated film handling, punching and sealing
  • Labeling, marking and printing, including inspection system
  • Welding and hemming processes using thermal, laser and ultrasonic technology
  • Inspection processes such as leak tightness and flow inspections, plus pressure, force, weight and torque measurements up to overall functions testing
  • PMT 360 – Production platform for web processing

    The PMT allows flexible manufacturing of a large number of products, such as oral film strips or transdermal system (TTS/TDS).

  • PMT 200 – Produktionsplattform für die Bahnverarbeitung

    On the PMT 200 production platform that operates intermittently, web materials with a width of up to 200 mm can be processed.

Technical data
  • Output: Product-dependent, common design: 1-5 webs
  • Web speed: up to 80 or 120 cycles/min.
  • Web width: up to 120-350 mm
  • Web train length: up to 127 (240) mm
Final products
  • ODF – Oral Dissolvable Film
  • TDS – Matrix patch standard/ special design
  • TDS – Reservoir patch
  • TTS – Transdermal therapeutic systems
  • Diagnostic test strips and biosensors
  • Classic dressing
  • Medical products for dressing wounds
  • etc.
  • Packaging machines

Machine features

Web handling

Perfect web handling: Technical highly sensible components regulate feeding, transport and ejection of materials within the machine. Dancers, web edge controls, and winding and rewinding devices are the basic technologies for producing items such as patches.


The punching processes in a web processing system require the highest degree of precision and quality of raw materials in order to achieve the high outputs required during continuous operation, while also guaranteed the necessary accuracy. To achieve this, we use solid punching tools and die punching, in our machines.


Sealing is one of the central processes when connecting several product layers. We apply several technologies for this process. Depending on the material characteristics, we use such applications as platen sealing, roller sealing (hot and cold), pulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing or thermal sealing.

Camera inspection

Position and location accuracy, products in the sealing area, color deviations, damage or soiling to the detection of particles using sensor technology: Powerful camera systems are essential in quality inspection.

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