Technical support for product and process development

A competitive advantage is closely linked to the ability to develop new technologies for innovative products. Harro Höfligers Engineering & Innovation Services support you with their expertise and creative ideas, so that you can successfully introduce your product idea to the market. Whether pharmaceutical or medical products, consumer goods or unusual packaging: With test rigs, feasibility studies, the construction of prototypes and the preparation of technical samples, we improve already existing processes and accompany you during your innovation projects. The focus is always on the development of reproducible and scalable processes for a seamless transition into commercial manufacturing.

Our performances:

  • Process development and evaluation
  • Development of scalable processes with specific test modules
  • Construction of prototypes as proof of principle (PoP)
  • Production of technical samples, also with an active ingredient product
  • Support during the innovation process
  • Troubleshooting help

Support from the Harro Höfliger expert team

Technology development

We perform extensive tests in order to identify the ideal technology variants to apply to manufacture a product. We develop new technologies and improve existing ones consistently so that our machines and system not only satisfy your requirements, but exceed them.

Process development

We perform feasibility studies and conduct evaluations to determine which process variant is best suited to solving your technical problem. The goal is to achieve a smooth transition from the initial test modules to prototype construction, up to a high performance production system.

Technical innovation

Future-forward technologies for innovation products: With several decades of development and production experience, we can fall back on the best preconditions to implement creative ideas into reliable solutions. This allows us to react quickly to market trends and create new trends ourselves.

Tell us about how the team is made up.
In our Engineering & Innovation Services team, we bundle a broad range of skills and many years of experience in our product and process development. This allows us to take an integrated approach in finding solutions to our problems: For example, engineers work closely with experts from design, mechatronics, control and pharma technology. What we all have in common is our enthusiasm to find creative solutions for complex problems.

What advantages do your services provide?
With our expertise and our performances, we can reduce development risks and improve product quality. This allows our customers to achieve their goals faster. We see ourselves as a competent innovation partner and a guarantee for success.

Which paths are followed when creating innovations?
Many novel solutions come about when we collaborate with our customers; we refer to this as the co-innovative process. You can rest assured that we, as a technology leader, will be able to find the right idea and the ideal technical implementation for your task. We are also productive on our own behalf and initiate the innovation processes ourselves.

Who are the “movers and shakers” of innovative ideas in your team?
The innovative spirit is firmly anchored within our company culture. Innovation management uses fixed processes to ensure that great ideas ignited by all employees are followed up on consistently and in a structured manner. We see innovation as a growth motor just as much for our customers as for Harro Höfliger.

Marco Laackmann
Director Inhalation Technology

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