Attractive packaging

The strips of triangular foil pouches (Delta Pouches) are an attractive and functional form of packaging for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Many different powdered products can be filled, for example instant beverages, sauces and soups, but also products from the fields of nutrition, curative nutrition or protein for athletes. Each single pack of thin foil material offers plenty of space for information and a distinctive brand appearance. The strips with any number of single portions can be, among other things, stacked to save space, and can be sold whole or as single packs.

Easy handling

To make a soft drink, a segment filled with instant powder is separated at the perforation. A tear notch makes opening the foil pack a breeze. Mix the quickly soluble drink powder in water or other liquid – and enjoy.


Market segments

Portion Packs

Creative solutions for the manufacturing and packaging of single-dose products and multiportion packs.

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