Special solution for the continuous release of active ingredients

For many patients, the regular intake of drugs is an enormous challenge in coping with their daily routines. The Israeli company Intec Pharma has addressed this problem by developing the Accordion Pill® platform. 

From the outside, the Accordion Pill® looks like a conventional capsule, but inside it contains a small, folded "gastro retentive dosage form", or GRDF for short. The GRDF consists of the active substance and several layers of biodegradable polymeric films whose folding is reminiscent of the musical instrument. After oral intake, the capsule dissolves in the stomach. The GRDF unfolds and releases the active ingredient continuously over a period of eight to twelve hours.

  • The Accordion Pill® contains a folded GRDF

    The Accordion Pill® guarantees the continuous release of active ingredients.

From manual processes to the high-performance line

Originally, Intec Pharma started to manufacture the Accordion Pill® with manual processes. They were the basis for both the laboratory system developed by Harro Höfliger and today's high-performance line, which, with ten tracks, enables an output of up to 360 products per minute. The centerpiece of the line is the PMK, a production platform for web processing, where the different layers of the GRDF are joined together. In several folding stations, the GRDFs are folded into a compact format before encapsulation on a Modu-C machine.  The line is completed with the Accura-C, a capsule weighing system for quality assurance. This guarantees consistently high production quality - even when it comes to complex customized solutions. 



Capsule Filling & Weighing

Flexible machine concepts for filling hard capsules with powder, solids, or liquids

Machines & Technology


Lab and batch series machines for web processing (intermittent)

Machines & Technology


Platform for web processing for pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostics (continuous)



Accordion Pill®: Laminated, folded, encapsulated

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