Environmentally friendly device

The main differences in comparison with the previous Respimat® version are an improved environmental footprint and simplified usage. 

The active ingredient cartridge in the new inhaler can be replaced up to six times. That way the Respimat® is disposed of less frequently - patients now only need two instead of twelve inhalers per year.

The inhaler’s usage was simplified based on patient feedback. For example, in order to enable easier turning and thus loading of the device, the housing was extended. 

  • Stefan Gais from Harro Höfliger with the Respimat®

    Stefan Gais from Harro Höfliger was involved in the design of the machines.  

Assembly technology for the Respimat®

Harro Höfliger has designed two special machines for the re-usable Respimat®. Their core task is to weld the active ingredient cartridge and the dose indicator with each other.

For this purpose, various camera controls first verify the flawless quality of all dose indicators and cartridges. A robot gripper system then joins the parts together and welds them at 16 ultrasonic stations working in parallel. At the end of the process, a test mechanism makes sure that every dose-indicator-cartridge-combination works as intended. 


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Oval motion machine: Platform for more complex assembly tasks



Inhaler Respimat® re-usable: Inhale easy and minimize plastic

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