Optimized therapy adherence

One of the world’s largest health problems is the fact that around 50 percent of all patients with chronic diseases do not take their medication as prescribed. This generates high costs for the health system –100 billion dollars per year in the US alone. Another important reason for the development of subcutaneous implants. They cover a wide range of applications and shall facilitate the administration of medication.

The rods of polymer compounds, containing the active substance, are only few millimeters in length and are placed under the patient`s skin with the help of an applicating device. The active ingredient can be released evenly over a period of up to several months. Further positive aspects: The implants are biodegradable and completely dissolve in the body.

  • Various measures ensure that sterility is maintained.

    Laser-printed label is positioned on the device.



Maintain sterility

The rods cover a wide range of applications: Among other things, they can be used in oncology, in the treatment of opiate dependence, or as contraceptives. They are also used in ophthalmology and in the treatment of schizophrenia and cancer. Meanwhile, even in veterinary medicine there is an interest in this administration form. To avoid risks for patients, the rods containing the active ingredient must be sterile. For example, optimized motion sequences of the gripper systems minimize the dispersion of airborne particles during production. Additionally, laminar air flow systems with sterile filters are used.

In cooperation with specialized technology partners, Harro Höfliger offers a comprehensive solution with implants, components of the device and machines for aseptic assembly. One of the partner companies covering the production of sterile implants is Thermo Fisher Scientific. In recent years, there has been increasing interest in implants as drug depots. Therefore, all experts are convinced that this is an administration form with a promising future.



New Drug Delivery Systems

Innovative devices for the efficient transport of proven and new active ingredients to their destination



Subcutaneous implants

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