Uncomplicated market launch

By developing the Papillon dry powder inhaler for pharmaceutical companies, Hovione Technology has created a device that stands out with its simple and convenient design. Unlike many other inhalers, it solely consists of two reusable plastic components and a blister. This reduced complexity shortens development time and minimizes costs. Thus, pharmaceutical companies only need to test a few functions before starting development and can concentrate fully on powder development. In addition, studies have shown that inhaled drugs are released just as reliably/effectively from devices that consist of (only) a few parts.


Papillon: Numerous fields of application

Also for patients, administration is easy: In order to inhale, they only have to insert the blister and close the device. For the subsequent inhalation, patients simply have to insert a new blister. The Papillon itself can be reused several times thus improving the device's environmental sustainability. Since the Papillon's design can be adapted to both single and double blister versions, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. A double blister configuration allows the administration of two separate powders in parallel.

  • Papillon: insert blister, close device, and inhale.

    In order to inhale again with the Papillon, the patient simply has to insert a new blister.

  • Different filling technologies influence the powder in different ways.

    If a pharmaceutical company is interested in the Papillon, Harro Höfliger carries out initial exploratory filling tests.

Support by Pharma Services

If a customer shows interest in the device, Harro Höfliger's Pharma Services first carry out filling tests with their powder. The filled sample blisters are then sent to Hovione Technology or the final customer so that they can test whether the interaction of device and powder works in the dry powder inhaler or plan for necessary optimization and development.



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Papillon: As light as the flap of a butterfly’s wings

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