Augmented Collaboration

Video support with the help of smart glasses


Collaborative solutions with augmented reality provide customers with immediate support from Harro Höfliger's experts. We rely on smart glasses for this purpose: By means of video transmission, these high-tech glasses make it possible to observe, interact and, if necessary, intervene in the wearer's entire range of activities in real time and even over long distances from a terminal device. One of the areas of application is the support of customers in troubleshooting, for example in the event of machine downtimes.

In addition, we use this principle to give customers insights into their current projects without requiring their presence on site at Harro Höfliger. The virtual look over the shoulders of our specialists ensures that no detail is lost from view, even over long distances.  

  • Know-how transfer in real time without loss of information
  • Efficient sharing of a wide range of information even across country borders and continents
  • Projecting of CAD holograms, documents or videos into the field of view of the smart glasses wearer
  • Saving of time thanks to rapid availability of service specialists
  • Growing knowledge database due to optional recording
  • Service 4.0 through integration of state-of-the-art technology
  • A remote service specialist provides support.

    Augmented collaboration enables an expert point of contact to observe all activities on a system in real time.

  • Efficient sharing of information.

    Information and documents can be projected directly into the operator's field of view.

  • Factory acceptance tests with smart glasses

    One area of application for augmented collaboration are factory acceptance tests for machines (FAT).


The use of smart glasses creates flexibility. Users can, for example, solve identified problems immediately. That way many work steps can be simplified considerably. 


All relevant information can be provided directly by the augmented service contact. In addition, long travel times, for example by service technicians to the production site, can be avoided.  

Minimizing errors

Rarely performed work steps are particularly prone to errors. Smart glasses enable a service specialist to be present in real time, verify the correct implementation of all steps and identify potential sources of error.


Documents and information such as circuit or pneumatic diagrams can be projected directly into the wearer's field of view. In addition, it is possible to set markers in the room, for example in order to identify important inspection points.

Digital applications

Deep Learning in image processing

The Vision Systems division at Harro Höfliger deals with deep learning methods for optimized image processing and quality control.

3D-Simulation for virtual commissioning

The virtual commissioning with 3D models enables the early verification of technical solutions even before the assembly of the machine.

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