Capsule filling from the lab standard to production

Flexible and efficient filling of hard capsules is one of Harro Höfliger‘s core competencies. In our capsule filling machinery, we use dosing systems that are ideally matched to the requirements of your pharmaceutical products. We are specialists for powder dosing in micro- and macro-quantities, tablets, micro-tablets, pellets, capsules, liquids or combinations of various fill media. Highly precise weighing modules, sensors and control systems guarantee highest quality products. The experts in our Pharma Services support you during process development. Manual devices for lab tests and special applications augment our portfolio.

  • An extensive range of dosing and micro-dosing system for a variety of fill media
  • Competent support during process development from the Pharma Services experts
  • Scalable, reliable processes from the lab to high-speed production
  • Complete turn-key solutions possible up to final packaging
  • Integrated and stand-alone machines for process and quality monitoring
  • A variety of barrier concepts for product and user protection
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Mini tablet dosing

The mini tablet station allows non-destructive and precise filling of mini tablets into hard capsules. For each capsule, dosing is possible for up to four different tablets in freely adjustable quantities. And this is done almost format-free, gentle on the product and in highest quality.

Drum with AMV

A sensor is used to achieve highly-precise filling of minimum powder quantities combined with a 100% complete inspection. The capacitive measurement using the AMV-Sensor (Advanced Mass Verification) allows an accurate in-process inspection, even at maximum machine speeds.

Modular dosing trolley system

Dosing trolleys allow a fast and easy change of the dosing systems. Whether powder, liquid or solid fill media: The matching trolley is easily integrated into the basic machine. This reduces set-up and cleaning times to a minimum and makes capsule filling even more flexible.


  • Filled hard capsules

    Harro Höfliger offers a wide range of machines designed to fill hard capsules and inspect solid medicines.

  • Hard capsule filled with powder or pellets

    The capsule filling machines in the Modu-C series include, among other things, dosing systems for powder and pellets.

  • Hard capsule filled with liquid media

    Liquid dosing into hard capsules: A large variety of viscosities can be processed.

  • Hard capsule filled with mni tablets

    The mini tablet dosing station fills mini tablets into hard capsules with precision and with absolutely no destruction.

  • Hard capsule filled with pellets

    Dosing pellets into hard capsules: The pellet station in the Modu-C capsule filling machine is designed for precise and gentle filling with a maximum output.

  • Hard capsule filled with powder

    One of the core competencies of Harro Höfliger is the capability to dose minimal quantities of powder.

  • Hard capsule filled with a variety of filling materials

    The various dosing systems are designed to fill hard capsules with liquid, powder, tablets, micro-tablets, pellets and combinations thereof.

Machines and categories


High-performance production of a
special capsule solution

With the Accordion Pill®, Intec Pharma has developed an innovative capsule platform that provides continuous drug release. The manufacturing technology for the product was supplied by Harro Höfliger.

Individual filling solutions for powder

If powders cannot initially be dosed due to their particle shape, size, stability or density, new and creative solutions have to be found.

Klaus Käfer
Sales Director Capsule Technology

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