Perfect processes from dosing to assembly

For filling powder into dry powder inhalers (DPI) or liquids into soft mist inhalers (SMI), we provide you with the ideal dosing technology for your product. Our processes are designed to manufacture blisters, capsules, disks, reservoirs or liquid cartridges. Take advantage of our process and product knowledge: Our Pharma Services experts support you in all aspects related to the development and optimization of your inhaler product. We are with you every step of the product lifecycle phase, offering machine technology from the laboratory level to production of test samples to high-volume commercial manufacturing.

  • Precise micro-dosing in different primary packaging containers
  • Filling technology optimized for your product
  • High degree of reliability through IPC inspections
  • Turnkey Solutions: Complete production of inhalers from filling and assembly to packaging
  • Short time-to-market periods through development support
  • Consistent scaling from proof-of-principle to production
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise


We offer a variety of filling technologies for micro-dosing of inhalation products, for example for dry powder inhalers (DPI). These systems allow a reliable dosing of free-flowing and cohesive powders even in minimum quantities of less than 1 mg.

In-line inspection systems

Using X-ray technology and AMV sensors (Advanced Mass Verification) you can rely on a 100 percent fill quantity control of active ingredient substances. Camera systems ensure reliable monitoring of production processes.

Product references

Find the perfect solution for your product: We offer complete solutions from one source for assembly, inspection, labeling and packaging of inhalers. You can rely on our many years of experience and numerous references.


  • Inhaler with single blister for powder pulmonary inhalation

    Inhaler with single blister: In addition to powder dosing, Harro Höfliger also provides solutions for cutting blister webs.

  • Aerosol inhaler with cartridge for pulmonary inhalation

    Assembly of an aerosol inhaler.

  • Disk with blister strip for powder pulmonary inhalation

    Dry-powder disk inhaler: Blister filling and coiling as well as inhaler assembly.

  • Cartridge with liquid content for pulmonary delivery

    Liquid filling, plus sealing and crimping of the cartridge for the inhaler.

  • Soft mist inhaler with cartridge for pulmonary inhalation of the liquid inhalant

    Pre-assembly and final assembly of a soft mist inhaler (SMI) for pulmonary inhalation.

  • Reservoir inhaler with cartridge for powder pulmonary inhalation

    Assembling a reservoir inhaler and filling with inhalation powder.

Machines and categories


The Papillon: A simple Dry Powder Inhaler

With the aim of helping pharmaceutical companies enter the market more quickly, Hovione Technology has developed the Papillon dry powder inhaler. Thanks to its simple design, it is extremely easy for patients to use.

Semi-automated filling of a dry powder inhaler

The start-up PureIMS develops and produces dry powder inhalers (DPIs) based on the Cyclops™ platform. Harro Höfliger provided support for the scalability and automation of the processes.

Marco Laackmann
Director Inhalation Technology

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