Portion packs in numerous variants

Single-dose or multiportion packs are an attractive and convenient packaging solution for a wide range of consumer goods. They include detergents and cleaning agents, coffee and tea, OTC products and nutrition as well as instant drinks and many other products. Whether it is aluminum foil or difficult to handle PVA/PVOH film (polyvinyl alcohol), cold forming or thermal forming – Harro Höfliger offers proven technology that is perfectly customized for the specific product. Pre-dosed pouches for the dishwasher or the washing machine are made of water-soluble film that is thermoformed to shape and filled with powder, gel or liquid at high speeds. Our experience in film processing is reflected in every process, from feeding, forming, dosing, sealing, perforation, punching or cutting to packaging.

  • High process reliability from many successfully implemented projects
  • Expertise in handling difficult materials such as PVOH
  • Different shapes and formats including multi-chamber packages and triangular pack styles
  • Designs like drinking straws and filter packs
  • Technology supply from process development to feasibility studies to high output solutions
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Patented water sealing

By means of our contactless process for the water sealing of water-soluble PVOH film, very narrow and at the same time exceptionally resilient sealing seams are produced. This sealing method enables the economical production of packages with any desired contour at high speed.

Perfect results

Filling to capacity is possible thanks to our flatbed machine design. During the powder filling, the sealing edges are covered, and an integrated dust extraction is used. In combination with our patented particle cleaning system this allows reliable sealing results.

Engineering & Innovation Services

On the way to the detergent or dishwasher product, our specialists from Engineering & Innovation Services (EIS) support customers right from the start. They develop a machine process capable of bringing the film into shape, filling and sealing it and subsequently punching it out.


  • Form packages for detergents and cleaners

    When producing form packages for detergents and cleaners, a large number of combinations of liquid and powder can be realized in a variety of shapes.

  • Dosing powder and liquid into water-soluble film-form packages

    Dishwasher tabs: Dosing powder and liquid into water-soluble film-form packages.

  • Film processing to create form packages

    Film processing to create form packages filled with detergent: The machines fill both powder and liquid.

  • Packaging instant beverages into film form bags

    Packaging instant beverages into film form bags with high recognition value.

  • Packaging soluble beverages with dosing, sealing and cutting

    Packaging soluble beverages using the core processes dosing, sealing and cutting.

  • Coffee pads with coffee powder and a cup of coffee

    When manufacturing filter pads with coffee powder, the process guarantees that the packets are tightly sealed.

Machines and categories


Future technology: Water sealing of pouches

Water-soluble pouches, also known as pods or tabs, consist of PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) film filled with detergent or cleaning agent. The pre-dosed products offer the consumer a convenient application, which is especially safe thanks to water sealing.

Delta Pouch: Packaging of powdered products

The delta-shaped foil packs each contain a single portion and can be opened quickly and easily.

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Sales Director Portion Packs

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