First high-throughput line for aseptic manufacturing of microarray patches

Vaxxas and Harro Höfliger have entered into a strategic cooperation for the industrial-scale production of new vaccine technology.


Allmersbach im Tal, 09.06.2020

Australian biotech company Vaxxas and Harro Höfliger have announced a strategic cooperation. As part of the cooperation, the world’s first high-performance line for the manufacture of microarray patches (MAPs) is being created. The pilot line is scheduled to go into operation in 2021; it is planned to have a throughput of up to five million MAPs per week.

Among other things, microarray patches could contribute to rapid and widespread vaccination during pandemics – they immunize with a smaller amount of vaccine compared to conventional methods, do not require cold chain and can be applied by the patient himself. The Vaxxas HD-MAP measures only 9x9mm and contains thousands of very short projections coated with vaccine. First studies verified the vaccine to be stable at 40oC for 12 months.

"We are excited to be working on the high-performance production of MAPs with Harro Höfliger,” said David L. Hoey, President and CEO of Vaxxas. “A major challenge in commercializing microarray patches for vaccination is the ability to manufacture at industrially-relevant scale, while meeting stringent sterility and quality standards. With our novel device design along with our innovative coating and the aseptic process automation platforms of Harro Höfliger we are perfectly positioned for this.”

Thomas Weller, CEO of Harro Höfliger, is also looking forward to the cooperation: “Our engineering development team and aseptic experts have a lot of experience in the development of customized processes for the fully automated production of new products in an aseptic environment. We’re looking forward to developing these new production lines with the team at Vaxxas.”


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