Customized turnkey solution

Until recently, a significant part of the packaging process for AstraZeneca's syringe sets was done by hand. The increasing market demand for the products required an automation of the production line process, though. Harro Höfliger accepted the challenge to develop future-oriented solutions for the entire packaging process: From inserting the syringes and injection needles into the plastic tray, to packing them into folding cartons, and finally grouping and packing the cartons into shipping cases and onto pallets. This also included control systems for a close monitoring of the quality throughout.

Our Excellence-United partner Bausch+Ströbel supplied the machines which assemble the pre-filled syringes with plungers and label them. Together with Harro Höfliger's horizontal cartoning machine MKT and the MCP modular case, this results in a turnkey line for the customer. Particularly challenging was the fact that AstraZeneca required two different formats: The set of medication can be supplied with either two pre-filled syringes including needles, or with just one single syringe plus needle.

  • The oncological medication set is marketed with one or two syringes

    The plastic trays and injection needles are packed in folding cartons.

Close quality control

The production and packaging line consists of a total of seven stations, with several in-line control systems included. The process begins with the unloading, infeed, assembly and labeling of the pre-filled syringes. In the following step the separated plastic trays are fed and loaded with the syringes. A tactile quality control checks every product for the correct positioning of its cover. Patient information and booklets are placed on the tray during transport to the cartoning machine at a rate of 30 packs per minute.

A subsequent weight control verifies that each folding carton is correctly packed. In addition to that, a control unit checks the correct positioning as well as the completeness and legibility of the printing with variable data. The modular case packer MCP rounds off the end of the line. It convinces not only by its efficiency in the automatic stacking, packaging and sealing of products, it also comes in the new Harro Höfliger turnkey machine design.




High-performance packaging machinery for all primary, secondary, and final packaging tasks



End of line: The efficient Casepacker for shipping boxes (intermittent)



Universal: The reliable cartoning machine for highest performance



Turnkey line for AstraZeneca

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