Medical treatments have the highest therapeutic success when they are precisely adapted to the individual patient. This is because factors such as body weight, gender and genetics can influence the efficacy of medicines. DiHeSys with headquarters in Ulm, Germany, is therefore committed to providing customized therapies to patients. 

The focus is on the individualized production of printed medicines - always precisely with the amount and composition of active ingredients that the patient requires. In cooperation with Harro Höfliger, the company developed the FlexDosePrinter for the production of personalized thin films and tablets.

  • FlexDosePrinter for personalized medicine

    The FlexDosePrinter suitable for the pharmaceutical industry produces personalized thin films and tablets.

  • Personalized medicines enable patient-specific dosing and the combination of different active ingredients.

    Personalized medicines enable patient-specific dosing and the combination of different active ingredients. (Photo: DiHeSys)

When producing thin films (Oral Dispersible Films), the print heads apply a clearly defined amount of active ingredient solution to a placebo carrier. A heating plate inside the FlexDosePrinter then ensures that the solvent evaporates and the active ingredient remains.

The basis for 3D printing are well-tolerated polymer filaments with the embedded active ingredient. This material is used in the FlexDosePrinter to produce personalized tablets. Since only a few excipients are required, even drugs with larger quantities of active ingredients can be produced. Multi-layer printing makes it possible to combine different active ingredients in one tablet. Furthermore it is possible to implement an individual release profile. 

The FlexDosePrinter would allow pharmacists and hospital staff to produce personalized medicines directly on site in the future. DiHeSys provides users with comprehensive support: From developing formulations for inks containing active ingredients to providing printers, all the way to supplying cartridges and consumables.


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