Innovative oral drug dosage form

XStraw, a drinking straw, enables comfortable intake of the drug with water, fruit juice, tea or other beverages. A closing cap and the packing into an aluminium blister protect the drug during transport and storage. This new drug dosage form has been developed for one-time use: There is no cleaning required and hygienic application is guaranteed. The filling technology developed by Harro Höfliger ensures precise dosing of the pellets containing the drug.

Intuitive intake

The filter is located at the lower end of the drinking straw and prevents leakage or loss of the medication. However it is permeable for the liquid and the pellets contained within the straw. It moves upward when suction is applied and remains in the upper position, indicating complete drug consumption to the user or caregiver – a practical control function. This new drug dosage form has been especially developed for application in pediatrics and geriatrics and guarantees simple and intuitive intake. This method is especially well accepted by children, since “playful” drinking ensures safe administration. Get more information about XStraw on: 

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