Assuming responsibility and acting in a sustainable manner

Social responsibility and acting in a sustainable manner are second nature to Harro Höfliger and are intrinsically linked to its corporate tradition. We support social institutions and numerous environmental, sports, art and cultural projects as well as learning and education. Working with the younger generation is something that is especially dear to our hearts – because among our principles is the idea that there is no time like today to give thought to tomorrow. Our committed employees initiate a host of charitable activities that they volunteer their time and effort to.

Social issues

We especially support regional social projects as well as vocational training and continuing education. Education partnerships with kindergartens and schools help in efforts to optimize the development of our children and young adults.


We are a partner in sports; proudly promoting physical activities, fitness and team spirit. We focus on local sports teams because this allows us to support volunteer work locally and work together in our community.


We use natural resources sparingly and support the use of renewables whenever possible. We design our machines and their production capabilities to be as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

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