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Cartoning machines and packaging machinery are the roots that Harro Höfliger is built on. Over 40 years of experience has gone into our high-performance, modularly structured solutions for packing in bags, folding boxes, top-loader boxes and shipping boxes. We complement our well-engineered, proven standard platforms with individual modules. This allows us to provide you with customized and safe solutions for your product - also for packagings with unusually styled forms or large formats.

  • Extensive platform and technology options
  • A wide range of feeding technologies and handling systems
  • Large repertoire of closure types such as plug, glue and tape seals
  • High quality with visual and sensor-type inspections
  • Stand-alone machines and turn-key packaging lines
  • Tailor-made solutions for small scale manufacturing (from batch size 1)
  • Fully integrated or stand-alone equipment for serialization, UDI and tamper-evident requirements

Our expertise

Tailor made solutions

Our packaging solutions are as individual as your requirements. For highly complex processes or limited space requirements, we offer tried and tested standard machinery combined with special machines. Tailored specifically to your requirements and the processes of your product.

Turn-key line competence

By linking different machines, you receive complete production and packaging lines. Perfectly synchronized modules for sealing, labeling, printing and inspection guarantee efficient and economic processes.

Consulting services for materials

We provide the support you need with competent consulting services on decisions relating to adjusting and optimizing packaging materials for your product. This allows you to find custom fit, cost effective solutions for complex packaging materials, unusual formats, special safety requirements and high machinability.


  • Assembling DPI inhalers and packaging folding boxes

    One stop service Assembling and filling powder inhalers, including packing into folding boxes.

  • Cartoning vials into trays

    Cartoning of fragile goods such as vials in trays - all processes are designed for gentle handling.

  • Cartoning of pharmaceutical combi-packages with sleeve seal

    Cartoning of pharmaceutical combi-packages with sleeve seal including leaflet inserts.

  • Packaged tablet blisters in wallet packagings with glued in packaging components

    Tablet blisters packaged in wallet packaging with packaging components glued in.

  • Top-loading packaging for multi-component packings

    Top-loading for multi-component packaging on the MTL, the packaging machine for top-loading boxes.

  • Contact lenses in strip package with final packaging and cartoning

    Cartoning and final packaging of contact lenses in strip package: Careful handling is guaranteed.

  • Packaging of DPI inhalers into folding boxes with final packaging in shipping boxes

    Packaging of DPI inhalers into folding boxes, and final packaging into shipping boxes.

  • Folding boxes in variable sizes for double bags

    The horizontally operating MKL cartoning machine allows double bags to be packaged into folding boxes of variable sizes.

  • Safe cartoning of blow-fill-seal strips

    Cartoning of blow-fill-seal strips with package leaflet.

Machines and categories


Secure cartoning of double bags

Klocke Pharma-Service and Harro Höfliger have been cooperating for close to a quarter of a century. Just a few months ago, both companies implemented the third system for packaging double bags.

Fast solution for eye drops

Harro Höfliger produced a labeling and packaging line for Pharma Stulln – a GMP-compliant production line – within a very tight deadline. The limited space available required special line planning.

Markus Buchholz
Director Packaging Technology

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